Bal collection

Classic taste that makes you feel every home as your own.

Becchetti Bal enriches houses all over the world with brass handles and accessories for doors, windows and interior decoration fittings, and all Made in Italy.


The are several finishes: brass, gold, and also offer finishes in nickel, satin nickel and antiqued nickel, silver, antique copper and PVD.


From the standard collections to the customized pieces, every handle is born from the encounter between experience and innovation. the Royal Residence of King Baudouin of Belgium, the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the Villa Feltrinelli, the Governator’s Palace in Vatican, the headquarters of the Cariplo bank and even the Andrea D’Oria are some of the historical places built in the early 20th century that own Bal handles and accessories.


And now? The tradition goes on with the Fenice theatre of Venice, the Danieli, the Cipriani hotel, the Grand Hotel Dogi and the Rimini Grand Hotel. Becchetti Bal: a company that looks to the future thanks to its solid roots grounded in tradition.

Mariani Collection

Essential style for a modern house

Mariani has been a certainty in the Italian and foreign handles business, for more than 45 years, it is a well-known reality, able to constantly innovate through the accurate design of each product.


There is an attention for the searching of modern materials and a special care for the design that allow the making of high quality handles, escutcheons, knobs, roses and other interior decoration fittings.

The Mariani unique style, come to life and it’s expressed through the design key principles. Not only formal values but an actual style warranty to fit the modern taste and functionality needs.

There is a proper research project behind every handle and every accessory that makes the materials alive thanks to the analysis of the volumes, the ergonomic research and the precise study of the details.


The handles, escutcheons, knobs, roses and other accessories of the Mariani collection all are original pieces which aesthetic value stands in the merit, in the high quality materials and in their use, aimed at meet the most demanding tastes.


The simple and functional design distinguish the Mariani’s company stylistic code. Every handle, door knocker, letterbox and knob, originate from an accurate process of analysis of needs and the taste of those who have chosen to share with the company the love for beautiful things. Mariani, artists of taste and style

GRA Rivadossi Collection

Tradition as memory of quality

In 1992, Giacinto Rivadossi started a company in Valsabbia producing brass handles, handle accessories and interior decoration fittings. The Rivadossi handles retrace all the Italian history, since the beginnings of the industry, that has become, through the years, more and more advanced, while keeping the quality of a craft production.

Year after year, the company, started in a little establishment along the Bondaglio creek, gets bigger and earns national importance through a network of agents and representatives. The rise of the Common Market and the elimination of the customs barriers produced an evolution in the architectural styles that affects all the interior decoration fittings and involve even the handle production.

To fulfill the international market demands, GRA-Rivadossi relies on the strength of the warm color of the brass and increases the search of style and shape, for a 100% Made in Italy production. For 90 years, every single GRA-Rivadossi item, is a unique piece, result of the capability of people who strongly believe in Italian quality.

There is a wide range of handles, pull handles, escutcheons, door roses, knobs, doorbells, bolts, brass turn and releases and interior decoration fittings all characterized by a classical style and unique, for every style requirement.

Thanks to the tailor-made approach, is also possible to satisfy any customization requirement and exclusive production on the base of the costumer’s drawing, for a perfect stylistic and design cohesion. Every GRA-Rivadossi accessory represent a timeless art piece, with an high quality and beautiful workmanship. GRA-Rivadossi, timeless Italian style

A bridge between past and future, but focused on the present, Becchetti Bal has demonstrated for more than a century its foresight through its business strategies, the company is loyal to the innovative climate that brought success and international reputation, but not losing focus on its origins.

GRA-Rivadossi and Mariani moved, at this time, under the wing of Becchetti Bal company, while the GRA brand, greatly expands the already wide choice of classic BAL handles and elements, the Mariani brand definitely has a more modern and fashionable design, aware of the new needs of the designers.