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With its considerable field experience gained thanks to high-profile projects, Becchetti Bal meets different needs, even if very different from each other. The company started in 1882 and twenty-five years later Angelo Becchetti began its prestigious history. From the little town of Lumezzane, the company has been expanding all over the world. The “Made in Italy” label has a good reputation outside the Italian borders and Becchetti Bal demonstrates why.

With its handles and brass accessories for doors, windows and interior decoration fittings, the company produces and sells its products on a large territory thanks to its renowned craftsmanship. The workers are all together by saying that quality must not be sacrificed for quantity and that all the details, even the most shallow ones, matter. High quality and versatility are the distinguishing marks of the company.

In spite of the industry technological developments, the workers take care of the finishing stages by hand because it is a strong belief, in the company’s environment, that nothing can be compared to the human talent in speaking of quality.

Since the very beginning, the requests have a central role and they are fulfilled as precisely as possible with the standard lines and the products based on customized drawings: the final piece comes from a mix of experience and innovation.

Becchetti Bal products and finishes

The wide range of handles, roses and escutcheons with screws in view, roses and escutcheon with screw covers, plates and window rod guides, roses, smooth plates and finished plates, enhances every door and window. The matching pieces for doors and windows permit to customize your style as the Becchetti Bal knockers and pull handles are designed to enhance and customize the entrance door to every house, meeting any style requirements. The Becchetti Bal knobs and end knobs have a decorative purpose too and the large-scale range of colors conciliate with every costumer’s taste, giving an original touch to the houses. The interior decoration fittings complete the high quality doors and windows. Furthermore, Becchetti Bal offers shelves and marine accessories, since every space deserve stylish details.

ABF® Antibacterial Finish

Even if we do not notice, bacteria often accumulate on the handles of every environment: houses, urban spaces, accommodation facilities, public areas, or hospitals. Becchetti Bal has decided to propose an innovative coating that can be done on any finish, combining the elegance of the Made in Italy handles, and the antibacterial and antimicrobial effects that we all need in our homes.


The ABF finish is a transparent top-coating that can be applied to all indoor and outdoor products. It is a paint product composed of a polymeric base with the ability to release silver ions that act directly on all microorganisms that are harmful to health: thanks to its direct action on bacteria, microorganisms, and microbes, is the right finishing for all Becchetti Bal items for the home, public environments, and all places that need special hygiene.


ABF immediately eliminates more than 99% of microbes and bacteria within 24h, also has a lasting effect throughout the life of the coating. It is recommended only a gentle cleaning common to all painted surfaces.

Certification: ISO 22196 and ISO 21702

Fast delivery service

Becchetti Bal offers a well-functioning fast delivery service for a selection of handles, roses, escutcheons, plates, matching pieces for doors and windows, door knockers and pull handles, knobs and end knobs and other unique pieces. The ‘Bal Now’ logo represent a bestseller door and window collection that is immediately available. Becchetti Bal, with the ‘ready to deliver’ service, demonstrate to be an innovative company, able to optimally and quickly meet the costumer’s needs.


Becchetti Bal accommodate every aesthetic and practical need, with a high quality and stylish product. With the finishes service, Becchetti Bal, offers to its costumers, high quality accessories and products able to embellish and add value to doors and windows, in order to make every room of the house unique and inimitable. Several finishes are available for brass: natural effect raw brass, polished natural brass or polished coated brass with a shinier appearance, Zapon satin brass finished by hand, dark brown bronzed brushed brass, antique brass and aged effect antiqued brass.

The shiny reflective gold finishes are precious and elegant and so are the sandblasted gold ones, more opaque and rough. What’s more, there are nickel finishes, satin nickel and antiqued nickel, silver, antique copper and PVD. You can also choose a bronzed, chromed or satin chromed effect or lacquered in black and white with a modern matte effect. Finally, Becchetti Bal offers oil rubbed painted and oil rubbed waxed finishes with a particular dark brown coloring.

Quality certificate

The modern technologies, allow an accurate sales volume and feasibility study, for a correct evaluation of what the market requires. The costumer has the right to receive an excellent and perfectly functioning product. Professionalism, passion and dedication are the qualities that Becchetti Bal puts in every accessory matching the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate quality standards, released by the CVI authority, the certification and behavioral analysis center operating in the field of company services in an international context.