An entirely
Italian story
since 1882


Becchetti Bal

Becchetti Bal is been embellishing houses all over the world with his brass handles and accessories for doors, windows and interior decoration fittings over 100 years.

The 20th century was full of changes in Italy, after the world wars, the attention moved on the details that are important for arts like Jugendstil, Art nouveau, Art Decò, Bauhaus and Rationalism.

In the applied arts the masters were comparable to the great masters of art and architecture, from which they were inspired to create housing solutions, balanced in each element and detail.

As regards the constructions, the handles, gained importance and they became an actual modern art form.

Since 1907

Details and harmony turned out to be essential concepts for the villas built at that time and it was right after the first post-war period that the company flourished, developed into a business and commercially moved in Lumezzane, a town in province of Brescia.

The first Becchetti forge for the brass working was born in 1882, but was with Angelo Becchetti that began the history of the company in 1907. Bal, actually stands for Becchetti Angelo Lumezzane.

Angelo was the main author of the corporate evolution: he jumped into the international markets approaching the export. He got the “Cavaliere del Lavoro” award and he contributed to the growth and development after the second world war.

International committees

Becchetti Bal reached global success starting from a small provincial town thanks to a widespread distribution and a collaboration with some of the leading members of the industry, the company succeeds to satisfy both the Italian and the foreign demand. Despite the company has more than a century of history, it is open to innovation and new realities, it is looking to the future thanks to its solid roots grounded in tradition. The worldwide export bears witness to the fact that the company has an international mind.


Seeking perfection

The attention to the details is a distinctive sign of the Becchetti Bal production, it won the taste of the most renowned interior designers. The company creates high quality and versatile products with hand made finishes, paying attention to our costumer’s requests and making them realized.

From the standard collections to the customized pieces, every handle is born from the encounter between experience and innovation. The attention to the emerging markets (especially Russia and United Arab Emirates) bears witness to the fact that the company cares for the new trends.

A widespread distribution throughout the Italian territory is made possible by a structured and effective sales network, collaborations and partnerships with the leading members of the Italian and foreign industry as well as the involvement in the most important international fairs. Bal has a large production which includes customized pieces made on a design and a wide number of products in the catalogue. There are also 20 different finishes, all strictly Made in Italy.


High quality handmade finishes

The products, from the handles to the accessories, are available in a wide range. The costumers that decide to buy these handles, choose to have a luxury detail in their everyday life, knowing that they have decorated important and renowned buildings.

Knobs, hinges and handles of the whole production are still properly handmade polished with a meticulous attention to the details, to achieve a high quality, refined product. The company’s key elements, are universally recognized, and they are the roots in tradition and the flexibility for the costumer, even for customized items.

These are the Becchetti Bal distinguishing marks.

The power of an ancient tradition. The fifth generation, the heirs of the Cav. Angelo Becchetti, carry on the activity, they are trustful that this opportunity could represent a chance to transmit values in which they believe, such as the sense of belonging to the territory of Brescia, not to be confused with the spirit of competition and emulation, and the passion for the sport. This is why the Becchetti Bal company was one of the main sponsors of Basket Brescia Leonessa for many years.